Swimwear Care

Whether you use your swimsuit daily or just once in a while when vacationing, the fabric can take a beating from pool chemicals, salt water, sand, high temperatures, and sunscreen. Since bathing suits are an investment, it's well worth your time to learn how to keep them looking great all season. To help you care for your swimwear purchase, we have put together the key tips to keep them good as new!


Avoid Rough Surfaces

Our swimwear is made from knitted fabrics and is likely to get caught on rough surfaces like rocks, raw stone pavements, raw timber & concrete. Sit on your 2EROS towel or your cabana cushion. This will prevent pilling and abrasions, causing unsightly fluff. Once pilling occurs, it cannot be reversed. So try to avoid this from happening at all!


Rinse, Wash and Dry

Rinse immediately after use to wash out the chlorine & saltwater. Make sure it doesn’t stay wet for too long.

Cold-water hand washes are recommended. This will reduce the chances of it shrinking and help retain the vibrancy of the swimwear.

Use a gentle detergent so that the fabric fibres aren’t damaged. 

Wash your garments inside out and in a gentle setting if you’re using the washing machine. We’d also recommend placing your swimwear into a mesh washing bag to keep it protected even further.

We’d also recommend naturally drying it in the shade.


Do Not Bleach, Dry-Clean, Tumble Dry, Iron or Soak

Bleaching causes discolouration and reduces the vibrancy of the colours. It also damages the elasticity of the fabrics.Dry cleaning & tumble drying can cause shrinkage or colour fade. The high heat can damage the fabric fibres, resulting in the fabric breaking down quicker.I do not recommend ironing your swimwear. High heat non-steam irons can cause burns or leave unsightly shine marks. If you must, turn it inside out, use a steamer instead or iron on low with another fabric on top.If you soak your swimwear in detergent for too long, the colours or prints can cause colour bleeding.