Please firstly I don’t authorise

Please firstly I don’t authorise the use of publishing my surname..!!!

I have received both the briefs & jockstraps in the “cut” & “uncut” styles. This underwear is great quality… A very substantial quality and very supportive waistband. Not a loose thread in sight on all four items. But more importantly is the quality of the material. The cut & fit. The jockstraps in particular are the best comfort & fit that I have ever had in a jockstrap… They could be described as “high-rise” ie. longer in vertical length which produces great comfort. Project Claude obviously understand this. Many male jockstrap makers don’t. Whereas most jockstraps are “short-rise” or very little pouch area resulting in little comfort. The Jockstraps for this reason “know-no-equal”…!!! and the briefs are remarkably comfortable as well..!!! Keep making such wonderful quality items…!!!

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