“STUD” – 18kt Gold Plated




Gay definition: Someone that’s very attractive and that knows to please a man. Often rugged, a stud will pull you in with his looks, then stay in your thoughts after some mind-blowing sex. Other boys will talk to their friends about a stud, who in turn, will also want a piece.

“He tossed me around the room. It was so passionate — he was such a stud!”

ATTENTION STUDS: We have your perfect piece of jewellery ready!

Casual confidence is very sexy, and wearing this lets everyone know what kind of man you really are. Boys, daddies, twinks, and beyond – you’re all studs, so this applies to you too.

This necklace is also a great gift your man, so don’t hesitate before we run out!

Premium Quality Stainless Steel Jewellery in 18kt Gold-plated or polished finish.

  • L: 50cm + 5cm
  • W: .06g


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