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Made for play, Project Claude’s utility harness is perfect for any gay circuit party, festival, or dirty night out.

Our harness stands out from the pack with its diverse customisation options on-the-go, and supreme construction and materials quality. It’s perfect for accentuating the natural lines of your chest and back. The harness has quickly become a staple in every gay fashion wardrobe. It’s something different, something practical, and something that’s getting all the boys talking.

Our utility harness also comes fully equipped with an attachable wingman pouch! This pouch is a removable and compact essential that turns a men’s harness into a swiss army knife. It’s designed to hold all of your gay circuit party accessories, kink items, and essentials to keep you mobile. There’s no need for pockets, so there’s no need for pants.

It’s ideal for every guy that likes to wear something tight across their chest, give the boys something to hold on to when you’re getting it from behind, or to flex your hot body. Have a gay harness fantasy? Our utility harness will just give you the confidence to make it a reality!

Whatever the occasion, wearing our harness is a power move. You’re wearing something that brings in all kinds of good attention and gives you just the right amount of sexual empowerment. So whether you’re at a gay circuit party or cruising the dancefloor, Project Claude’s harness lets you handle it all Who doesn’t love a bit of light bondage!

 Remember: if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.