Premium Gay Men’s Underwear and Jockstraps

Gay Mens Underwear - Project Claude

Project Claude’s premium men’s underwear & Jockstraps are perfect for your next party, festival, or even a bit of “Netflix and Chill”.

As a gay fashion brand, our men’s underwear and jockstraps celebrate masculine confidence. You will feel that “confidence” from the moment you put them on. We guarantee that your Project Claude underwear will make you feel so good that the only reason you’ll want to take them off is to misbehave!

Whether you’re looking for a pair of fresh gay underwear, comfortable briefs to hang out in, or want something for when you’re getting hot and heavy, Project Claude has the perfect pair of undies for you. 

Our classic men’s briefs are all made from premium fabrics and designed for comfort and support in all the right places. Whether your downstairs is freshly shaved, trimmed to perfection, or beautifully untamed, our gay underwear does exactly what it’s designed to do – hug your manhood.

Our men’s underwear never rides, snags, or twists, and nothing falls out easily (which is a good thing for underwear, we promise). Trust us when we say you’ll never want to take them off!

Get The Boys Talking

Our cult classic ‘Blue Portrait Projectmen’s underwear and apparel collection is available with a variety of different underwear prints and styles. This was our collection that spread Project Claude around the world, and we can’t wait to get you your own pair! Be sure to check out the re-release while stocks last.

Premium Gay Mens underwear design by Project Claude
Check out our wet look backless briefs and jockstraps >>

Be sure to cruise our backless brief and backless underwear selection if you’re feeling a little bit daring or need some go-to hookup underwear. These are ideal for the boys that are feeling a little bit cheeky – literally.

If you’re all about athletic jockstraps or locker room fantasies, we can satisfy. Our range of hand-designed jockstraps feature a soft, comfortable waffel pouch that keeps everything in place.

Lets get Personal

If you’re wanting to show off your assets at the back with your name up front, we can help with that too! Our custom jockstrap is our take on personalised men’s underwear,  with a customisable front panel. Let all the boys know exactly what they’ll be getting in to later.(featured image below + internal link).

So, for fresh men’s underwear that’s brand spanking (oohf, harder) new, feels fantastic on and celebrates all your assets, then let Project Claude be your wingman and get a pair now.

We make our men’s underwear for you to look your best, so you can be your best.

Be sure to cruise our full catalogue of underwear and jockstraps now and find a perfect match today.

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Where do gay guys shop?

Project Claude is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your gay fashion needs. Are you going to a gay circuit party or Pride Festival? Like to wear your underwear as outerwear? Then look no further. We specialise in Men’s jewellery, Gay Fashion, Gay Brand, Gay Accessories.

Designed in Australia by gay men for gay men.