Cruising 2020
Gay men + casual anonymous sex.

Feature Image by Marc Martin .

Sex in the sand dunes. 
A park bench hookup at 11 PM. 
Undressing someone in a locker room.
That guy that pulled up next to me at a traffic light on his bike.
We all have different memories and experiences with cruising.

Project Claude has been swapping some stories about our best cruising experiences, so we thought now is the perfect time to chat about the age old art of cruising.

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Cruising is clever

Cruising describes the act of finding casual sex partners while meandering through a cruising ground, or ‘beat’. It combines instant sexual gratification and a sense of mischief. It has been a huge part of gay subculture for decades, and has always facilitated sexual expression. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s intended to satisfy. The phrase emerged as a code-word between gay men to alert others of their sexual intent. Straight men would hear the word and not think anything of it. Universities, clubs, bathrooms, parks, gyms, and beaches are all examples of more well known cruising spots. At some point, you’ve probably discovered a ‘beat’ by accident, or may have been to one but not realised.

The Perfect Stranger

Cruising is about perception. You have to assess whether or not the guy that glanced at you is there for the same reason. If you’re good at flirting, you’re probably good at cruising too. But now, online online cruising has taken the hard-work out of anonymous sex. The convenience and accessibility of scheduled online hook-ups is a massive shift away from coming together for the thrill of an unplanned hookup. Do we not want to meet the perfect stranger anymore?

The popularity of hookup apps such as Grindr, Scruff, and even Tinder is easily explained — we love sex, and these apps make it so much easier to find. However, the necessity of cruising and how we cruise changed as a result. Cruising has become checking to see if Mr. Perfect is ten metres away, and chances are, he isn’t. The problem is having too many options, so we’re less likely to commit and actually get some sweet, sweet ass.

Passive Cruising

Some of our best daily fantasies are about undressing that hottie on the train and think about what he might look like on top of you. If there was no-one around and he was looking at you with bedroom eyes, we would be more inclined to make a move or at least talk to him, right? The benefit of cruising, or going to known cruising hotspots is that you can realise those fantasies. Never forget the combination

Spontaneity > Planning

As we re-learn what it means to casually connect with someone, cruising resurges as an older technique that gets results. Getting out of the house and meeting in public for some casual fun understandably sounds pretty good after being locked away. Planned online hookups have been off the table for so long, so in contrast, the most exciting and rebellious thing to do would be to meet someone at a beat. But as with all sneaky fun, you may run the risk of being caught. Everyone likes a bit of voyeurism, but remember to be smart about it.

Cruising: The club

Some of my best night outs have been catching a strangers eye on the dancefloor and ending up in a stall thirty minutes later. Cruising at the club or a gay bar is definitely accepted in that space and everyone knows what really goes down in the bathroom

Cruising: The park

The old favourite. Parks were most commonly used as cruising grounds back in the 70s, and some still exist today. You can find a hottie and bang him in the bushes. There’s something so magical about letting yourself go under the stars.

Cruising: The pool

There’s nothing like hitting up the pool on a Sunday in speedos with your boys. There’s usually a lot of talent either swimming laps, getting a tan, or cruising by the side of the pool like you. The only imagination required is finding a locker room or shower cubicle to get to know each other for a limited time only.

Cruising: The beach

Nude beaches are a favourite among gay men. There’s nothing better than the hot sun and the mixture of sweat and salt water to get you riled up. Plenty of these beaches have their own designated cruising area, and are usually well concealed.

Why not try something you haven’t tried before? Or maybe it’s just been a while. Instead of looking at the same profiles ten times a day, why not go out and see what’s actually available? Compliments on apps are nice, but going at it with a hottie you just met at the pool is nicer.

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